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Stamps For The Wounded Program (SFTW)

What is it?    It's a job for the people to whom we owe a debt that can never be repaid.  They're the men and women in more than 130 Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities (hospitals and convalescent centers located all across the country).

What is the job?    Doing whatever we can to stamp CANCELLED across the face of the deadliest foe the hospitalized service personnel must fight - ENFORCE IDLENESS and it's deadly allies: boredom, loneliness, frustration, futility, and despair.

What can stamps do?  Miracles, almost.  Stamps can give the patients, and convalescent patients, a consuming interest.  They can sort stamps without effort as they lie in bed.  If they are ambulatory, or even in a wheel chair, they can pass happy hours soaking stamps and putting them in albums.  Even the far withdrawn, mentally disabled patient takes pleasure in using the more common stamps to make fanciful greeting cards, or to cover decorative boxes in organized therapy sessions.

What stamps are wanted?    U.S. and foreign, in any quantity.

What stamps are not wanted?    Torn, damaged, or defective stamps.

NOW YOU'VE DECIDED TO HELP...... A few suggestions:  Be sure to leave at least a quarter-inch margin of paper around the stamps.  Please do not try to peel or steam stamps off.  Do not soak stamps or sort them into packets.  This work is much of the fun for the hospitalized collector!

Please contact Ray Morris at 352-598-2386 for more information.

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